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Wellness Exams

Annual wellness exams are critical to keep your pets in the best care possible.  During this exam, we check every aspect of your pet, from the tip of the ears to the tip of the tail and from the color of his/her eyes to the length of his/her toenails.


Spay & Neuter

Having your pet neutered does not only help the overpopulation problem seen in many animal shelters today but it also eliminates the risk of unwanted litters, decreases the risk of cancers such as testicular cancer and ovarian cancer, as well We as prevents infections such as pyometra.



Vaccinations are essential to your pet's and your family's health.  Some disease are zoonotic and can be transmitted to you and/or your family members.   We vaccinate for these diseases and many more using the best vaccine on the market that is only available through veterinary clinics.


We are equipped with a digital X-Ray machine to help in diagnosing diseases and ailments in your pet.  Anything from a rubber ball to a broken bone can cause a great deal of pain.


We are equipped to perform many routine surgeries in our practice.  From spays and neuters to amputations, we make sure your pet is treated with dignity and is given the best opportunity to heal without complications.

Micro Chipping

Microchipping your pets can help eliminate time away from home.  The microchips used in our office can be linked to an online database that helps your pet find their way back home.


We offer grooming services such as bath, nails, and a anal gland expressions for our existing patients. 

Dental Care

Regular dental cleanings can help keep your pets teeth viable for their entire life as well as prevent further problems such as tooth abscesses and even heart, liver, and kidney problems.

Laser Therapy

We provide therapeutic laser treatments.  This helps increase blood flow to the damaged tissues which speeds up healing time, reduces pain, and gets your pet back to normal faster! 


We have boarding facilities available.  You can leave your pet with us knowing that he/she will be well taken care of.  Boarded patients even receive complimentary baths with certain boarding reservations.


In-House Pharmacy

We proudly house the majority of your pet's prescriptions in house!  You can simply call for a refill of your pet's ongoing medication, and our staff will have it ready for you when you arrive.  We also offer shipping for certain medications, so you can order, pay, and receive your pet's meds all from the comfort of your home.

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